Patients deserve comprehensive and personalized care to heal. They must reach their doctor’s clinic on time for proper treatment. People often have to go to the medical professional to keep their appointments despite no emergency. Most importantly, there is a lack of appropriate transportation to travel. These patients need options to travel!

Non-emergency medical transportation in Colorado Springs is an efficient and personalized transportation service for patients who are not facing emergencies but do need specialized medical equipment and professional assistance. Millions of Americans cannot reach their medical appointments and postpone their medical care because of a lack of proper transport. Thus, NEMT or nonmedical emergency transportation is essential in the medical field!

Imagine if you have undergone surgery or a medical procedure prohibiting driving a car, but must go to the doctor for a regular check-up. Medical perusal is imperative for proper recovery, and you also have to travel in a vehicle that carries you safely and appropriately to the doctor’s place. But wouldn’t that be expensive?

Every person needs convenient and patient-centered care, and their physical, social, financial, and mental needs are a priority. It is definitely not easy to pick you up and maybe carry the wheelchair also so that you can make it to the appointment. Public transport cannot provide the high-level, hands-on professional service necessary to help a patient. It is a complicated situation; the patient fears the cost factor if he hires medical transportation. What is the nonemergency medical transportation cost?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Rates

The prices vary and differ from service provider to service provider, and no specific standard exists. Also, variability occurs because of insurance coverage. Thus, we mention the expected price ranges for non-emergency medical transportation services in Colorado Springs. The local NEMT providers have varying prices depending on the facilities, equipment, and comforts they offer the patient, but they can range from $ 31.50 per hour onwards and $3.15 per mile is the private pay rate. Furthermore, the rate depends on:

1. Wheelchair based
2. Ambulatory based
3. Stretcher based
4. Additional attendant fees
5. Waiting time fees
6. Additional mileage fees ( Dependent on proximity of patient)
7. Round trip charges with waiting time fees.

Normally charges are levied according to blocks covered during the ride if it is a town and State wise if the transportation is across to another town in the State! The charges are assessed according to the facilities and services used at the end of the ride. But, the fact is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services are an essential facility for many Americans.

Health care is imperative, and any delay in treatment can be fatal. Peak family transport offers knowledgeable and well-trained nurse practitioners to assist patients during their visits. Medicaid beneficiaries, Medicare beneficiaries, children’s health plan, old age pension, patients without transport, and elderly and immobile people can now book a ride and reach the doctor for their medical appointments on time. You can check further details online at our website and book a safe and secure ride with us for your loved ones.