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Non-emergency Medical Transportation Services in Colorado

We are the proud recipients of the prestigious Colorado Community Health Alliance –Community Incentive Program 2023! Our goals include improving your travel experience and providing wheelchair accessible transportation for medically complex patients and also to get those patients to their appointments reliably and promptly (specialties and primary). We also take efforts to help you through the Public Health Emergency Unwind.  

Our goal is to help you unwind by providing the technology to help you re-apply for your benefits or to direct you to your next steps through the complex medical system while riding with us. We are honored to be a recipient of this award and strive to make your experience a smooth one. 

Peak Family Transport in Colorado Springs offers the best Non-emergency medical transportation services extensively across The State of Colorado.  It assures patients of timely access to medical appointments, health care services, and medical facilities.  

Long Distance Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation in Colorado Springs and Colorado State helps provide travel assistance to eligible individuals needing special travel accommodations for patients. Our expertise is providing competent and safe transportation for medically complex, immobile, and elderly age patients to their medical appointments or health care sessions promptly and securely 

ANYWHERE in COLORADO – Colorado Springs, Boulder, Pueblo, Aurora, Peyton, Yoder, Canon City and more, we can arrange medical transport to anywhere. We care about our clients and offer our expertise in:  

  1. Long-distance patient transport, 
  1. Elderly travel and transport over long distances,  
  1. Inter-state medical transport, 
  1. Long-distance ground Medicaid Transportation across the State of Colorado as well as in Colorado Springs. 
  1. Medicaid Rides in the State of Colorado and Colorado Springs.

You don’t have to worry about taking your parent or child to a city away from home for a medical session. Medicaid rides in Colorado Springs is a dependable program designed for Medicaid beneficiaries and assures timely assistance and travel arrangements for patients to reach their medical appointments. 


We aren’t a taxi cab service. We’re a medical transportation service.That’s why our vehicles are kept in exceptionally clean conditions.When you book a ride with Peak Family Transport, you know you’ll have the comfort of riding in a vehicle that is kept clean and sanitized to a clinical standard.With our fleet of all-electric vehicles, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a smooth, noise-free ride – emission free.


When your health is on the line, you need to be sure you’ll be at your appointments on time.That’s why we use industry-leading technologies for route planning and vehicle dispatching.We’ll know where your appointment is before we even come to pick you up.When you book with Peak Family Transport, you know you’ll be in the right place, at the right time – every time.


At Peak Family Transport, we believe you deserve only the most professional, most accommodating service. That’s why our drivers are hand selected based on their qualifications, work history, and background. While riding with Peak Family Transport, our drivers will make your comfort a top priority. From accommodating for your disabilities, to playing your favorite music for you, we’ll make sure your ride is as enjoyable as it can be.

Our Services

What We Offer

Our mission is to give everyone the freedom to get to their location safely and with respect.

Wheelchair Transportation Colorado Springs


We can assist in transporting you to for Ortho checkup.

Medicaid Transportation Colorado Springs

Doctor’s Appointments

We can regularly take you to your doctor’s visits.

Medicaid Transportation Services Colorado Springs

Rehabilitation centers

We can drive you to more destinations! Check them out here.

Medical Transportation Colorado Springs

Pain Management

We can transport you very carefully for regular checkup

Medicaid Transportation in Colorado

Physical Therapy

We can regularly take you to your physiotherapy visits.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Colorado Springs

Urgent Care

We can manage various type of medical transport

What do we strive towards? 

We work hard towards

  1. Providing excellent wheelchair-accessible transportation for people with mobility issues because of their complex medical conditions.  
  2. Moreover, we aspire to provide an excellent travel experience and ensure patients reach the hospitals on time for their special and primary medical appointments. 
  3. While you ride with us, we guide you effectively through the complicated medical public health emergency unwind with iPads in our cars to help your update your demographic data in the appropriate website that they are set to. 
  4. We understand the patient’s need for comfort. 
  5. Our goal is to take care of you in every situation, and we work hard to provide travel services to ensure safe, secure, and efficient transport while meeting your medical needs. 
  6. We promise to help with the transportation barriers that arise and keep your comfort paramount with our specialized transportation facilities.

We have the knowledge and capacity to help you re-apply for the benefits you deserve and direct you step by step through the complicated transportation system to access medical services, facilities, and appointments. Improving your travel experience and providing comfortable and safe wheelchair travel through the Medicaid Transportation Services in Colorado Springs is our goal.   

We are specialists in the field of Wheelchair Transportation in Colorado Springsand Colorado State. Moreover, with our well-equipped and comfortable vehicles to help the patient unwind and cater to their needs promising to make the travel experience smooth and reliable.

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